The Velo Doctor can by arrangement come to you with his tools and work on a number of bikes.

This could be your place of work with colleagues, your home with family, a community centre with neighbours. Just book a half or full day and hold a Bike Surgery Party!

At these events The Velo Doctor will typically complete an M Check of each bike and then complete simple repairs and adjustments with a view to getting bikes back on the road or in good riding condition. By simple repairs we mean adjusting brakes and fitting new brake blocks/cables, gear adjustment, and fixing punctures. Should any bike need a little more care and attention then The Velo Doctor will advise and provide an estimate for the work including a 10% labour discount.

So what is the cost?

For a 4 hour session the cost is £150

For an 8 hour session the cost is £275

For each additional hour the rate is £45

Should you not have a place to meet then please do still contact us as there are a number of local hall providers who we have been able to agree terms with for use of their facilities.