1980’s Clothing in Modern Cycling

Come into the workshop at the Velo Doctor and you might just hear a bit of Spandeau Ballet or Tears for Fears but there is no day glo in sight. Yes we might have reflective outerwear for safety but our best cycling jersey is up to date.

So why have clothing manufacturer Primal decided to launch a limited edition range of 80’s inspired cycling jerseys?

Primal Europe, said: “Our designers have been inspired by the outrageous shapes, colours and floppy-disk generated fun from the era of big hair, big style and even bigger cell phones. We personally love the new retro clothing and hope to see more people that aren’t afraid to show off some personality in the peloton.”
Well it looks like vintage specialist Rokit has missed a trick by not stocking cycling jerseys from the 80s! I know that a certain teenage daughter of our owner has spent a lot of money on 80’s fashion. We were hoping that it would not make a return to cycling but our hopes have been dashed!

Fancy looking like Greg Lemond? Go to the primal website www.primanleurope.com

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